i am the law

I usually like to have a few months of weird behaviour (aka being myself) under my belt before I have to have the awkward “I don’t drink” conversation with new co-workers, but we’re doing things a little differently today.

I has job. I start on Monday, but the company is having a pre-St. Patrick’s Day beer meeting at 3pm today and have invited me along for introductions/high fives. I’m nervous, but aware that I’d be more nervous going in blind on Monday morning so this is a good thing. It does mean that I’m going to have to explain my alcohol allergy much earlier than I normally would, though. I’m never quite sure if people believe me; that they secretly think I’m an off-the-wall drunk who commits unspeakable acts of public nudity while under the influence – but there’s not a lot I can do about it. It’s not just the allergy, either – I just plain don’t like the taste of alcohol of any kind. Yes, I know that’s weird. If you weren’t tipped off by everything else about me that is unusual, welcome to the party.

Nervous. Can’t decide what to wear. And, as always, thinking about tacos.

Will report back shortly with the important info: office proximity to Diet Coke, availability of scooter parking, whether I can turn my cubicle into a toy store, what my new title will be (I’m leaning towards “Judge Dredd”).

14 thoughts on “i am the law

  1. So happy you got a job! Congratulations! I am with you on the not drinking thing. Never have liked alcohol, and really don’t care to try to like it. Hooray for new adventures and meeting new people!

  2. “that they secretly think I’m an off-the-wall drunk who commits unspeakable acts of public nudity while under the influence”

    Later they discover that such a thing requires no mind-altering substances whatsoever.

    Congrats on the jerb. Hope you do something fun to celebrate this weekend. Not too fun, though, since I’m away.

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