another note

On some level I should probably be worried about this, but it’s hard to be afraid of cute mystery notes that say you’re awesome:


Hee! I don’t know who my secret admirer is, but I have my suspicions – there are very few people I know who are within note-leaving distance with the gumption to hunt down Lola and leave me fun surprises. Of course, I’m only considering people I actually know – I don’t want to think about complete strangers being able to track me down that easily. My mother never did warn me about perverts on the internet, but if she knew what the internet was and just what I actually DO on my computer all the time, she’d be obligated to Have a Talk with me about it.

What DID scare the hell out of me was coming home last night to an empty house and finding the TV tuned into the Edmonton/Florida game. I’m sure it was just a cat on the remote, but it was still alarming – coming home to hockey on the TV is not at all out of the ordinary, but not when I’m the first one in the house. Maybe we’re being haunted! Ghosts I can handle; ghosts who double the amount of hockey watched here I cannot.

Today there will be outside times!

maybe not outside on a beach in california, but outside nonetheless

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