ten second check-in

Hello from shiny new space!

I am many words behind – several thousand need to be dedicated to this past weekend and the wedding – but here is a quick check-in with all the important stuff:

  • New office space is gorgeous
  • Hello there, MacBook Pro!
  • Ice Cube Situation: trays in the freezer; they don’t appear to be used often so I may be on my own
  • Diet Coke: will have to be manually provided; there’s a pop machine but it’s only got Coke, Coke Zero, and Other Things that are not Diet Coke
  • Bussing downtown again after 5 months is weird
  • As will be working in the same building as Ed
  • Each bathroom stall is equipped with a sign featuring the following Enemies of Good Taste:
    • Cutesy pee-related poetry
    • Clip art
  • My job is to WRITE :D :D :D :D



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