the edge of the world

If it wasn’t for the fact that I get no cell service, access to Diet Coke is sketchy at best, and it’s kind of expensive .. well, I could pretty much live here.

ferry shenanigans

being creepy all over reilly

only authorized short people allowed

We stopped in Coombs on the way to Ucluelet, then at Cathedral Grove (which is way cooler in November, but still pretty):

so green! suck it, alberta!

ed is one with nature

The wedding is at Black Rock Resort in Ucluelet, and it’s kind of breathtaking here:

just outside the lobby

the view from our balcony

Our room is awesome. The bathroom is the size of most Yaletown condos, and it has both a soaker tub and a standalone rainfall shower thingie. We’ve only been here for 6 hours, but we’ve already had a bath and a shower each (we are dirty folk). There’s a little kitchenette in the room, so we stocked up on a few groceries so we have snacks available – and I don’t know if someone warned them I was coming, but there was a full tray of delightfully frozen ice cubes waiting for me in the tiny freezer. It’s such a simple thing, but I appreciate it SO MUCH – I love ice cubes. Lovely, lovely ice cubes. You make my Diet Coke so delicious!

Tomorrow is visiting (for those with families; we are merely handsome spectators) and setup, then on Saturday .. people get married! I know I have a fancy bridesmaids dress to wear and all, but I’m giving serious thought to just showing up in one of the bathrobes made of kittens from our room – SO COMFY. I don’t think Shan will mind; she’s already talking about marrying the robe instead of Josh (which could get awkward if I show up wearing the groom).

It’s been a long day with several more to come, so I’m going to do some naked relaxing while I can. I’m going to be on the go basically until next weekend – we leave the island on Sunday, and I start my new job on Monday. I’m excited about everything between now and November – I should probably try to get some sleep.

look at all these fancy times!

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