i win!

i’d like to thank the academy

If the voting ends RIGHT NOW, I might have a chance of winning. I already know I won’t – personal blogs were tossed in with not-all-that-personal – but hey, it was an honour to nominate myself.

You can vote once every 24 hours per IP address. So if you like me (and want to see my boobs at some point), vote for me! If you want to, that is. I’ll likely show you my boobs whether you vote for me or not.

The polls are open until May 13th, so .. have at it, and what not.

If my blog were much more personal, you’d all be in the examination room with me and the 19 medical interns with flashlights.

One thought on “i win!

  1. I happily voted for you because you are my friend, your blog makes me smile daily, you are an original and it is actually a personal blog unlike others, cough,cough.

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