lie back and think of england

I just sold my 5 3-day PAX 2012 passes to a co-worker.

I am a sad, sad monkey.

It’s for the best – vacation days are at a premium for everyone, we just bought a new car, I don’t want to impose on Doug and Ali to house my band of merry men during the ‘con, we didn’t really enjoy last year, I can use the money for London instead.

It still sucks ENORMOUS AMOUNTS OF SLOPPY DONG, though. The only thing that will get me through this brutal blow to my nerd cred is to grit my teeth and think of England: eventually, I will appreciate having more spending money in London than I would a 3-day nerd orgy with my favourite people.


3 thoughts on “lie back and think of england

  1. So what I’m reading in to this statement is, “I really don’t want to be forced to spend time with Doug and Ali.” :P Sucks you had to sell the passes, but yay for worldly travels.

    • PIFFLE! We’re actually planning to come visit you on a non-PAX weekend so we can fill up our Doug and Ali love meters before you go jetsetting around Europe!

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