Last night, Heather and I went to a Screenprinting Workshop at Blim!

I’m not so big on the t-shirt so I screened a bunch of scarves, while Heather did a variety of wearable items as gifts. We had emailed our chosen images to Blim to be printed on transparencies for the burning process – I opted to stray from my usual MO, and went with a video game theme:

so unusual for me

I was pretty happy with how my images printed, as it took some doing to get them black enough for a solid transfer – I had one of the graphic designers at work tinker with the JSRF image for me to make it awesome, and I used a stencil-making site to turn Vault Boy into a flat black image (that turned out smaller than I wanted, but still cool). Heather went with cute: her image was a grid of nine cube animals, which looked great when printed. We settled into the class, and after a slow start, it was time to make giant messes.

My first pass was the most successful, and I ended up with a gold print on a teal scarf:


We quickly lost both our inhibitions and our fears of fucking up, and started experimenting:

washing the screen in between colours is for pussies

I did actually fuck up a print and made it way too ugly to even be worn ironically, but such is the beauty of printing on scarves: I simply hacked the ugly end off, and kept going.

Things even got a little fancy:

olive, magenta and silver on white

It’s a good thing I really, really like Jet Set Radio Future.

I almost ran out of time, but I did manage to screenprint Vault Boy onto a couple of things:

thumbs up for thumbs!

He looks particularly dapper on a yellow scarf, but then I just went crazy:

he kind of makes me dizzy

Also, here is a goose:

lonely goose missing a mate

Screenprinting was a whole great big pile of fun, and I want to try different paints and items and images and eeeeeeeeee. So fun! I put things on things! As soon as I figure out what I want to make next, I’m gonna do a drop-in session and make more stuff – who wants a scarf? Scarves for everyone!

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