success (at a cost)

The house is an unmitigated disaster, we’re out of food (both cat and human), my sleep patterns are completely fucked up and most of my last half dozen meals have come out of a bag, BUT: Diablo 3 is *awesome*.

I am really, really glad this is a long weekend.

Add me: DeeAy#1420 !

We’ve placed an actual moratorium on any gaming today until the house is in order and we have food again, so I better go get started so I can spend the evening happily skipping my way through the Halls of Unending Agony and Suffering.

Hey, people of Tristram: Diablo is much less likely to unleash cataclysmic evil upon you if you stopped naming things like “Fields of Misery” and “City of the Damned”. You’d also likely rake in more tourist dollars if you went with “Field of Sunshine and Kittens” as opposed to “Tortured Swamp of Kicks in the Balls” and “Den of Stubbed Toes”. Do you really think anyone would waste time sending leagues of demons to “The Rainbow Lollipop Church of Hugs and Puppies” or “Happy Time Cheerful Inn”? Think about it, and maybe hire some PR for crying out loud. I am tired of shooting hell bats in the “Misty Crotch of Andora’s Anguish”. Just once I’d like to save the world by fetching a comfortable pillow from a candy story owned by playful butterflies.

Right. Errands. I’m off (to the Tormented Pet Store of Discomfort and High Prices)!

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