that ain’t right

I suddenly have a LOT more wall space at work (long story slightly less long: we’re being shuffled around, and I ended up with the WORST SPOT IN THE WORLD. To give myself some semblance of privacy, I annexed some cabinets that weren’t being used and made myself a goddamn Fortress of Boobitude), so I came home with a laundry list of things I want to put up on my new walls. I’ve avoided nesting, because I know what happens when things get out of hand .. but I’ve been there for a month now, and the time for nesting has come.

Among the things I want to put on my new walls are the Rapture posters that came with the collector’s edition of Bioshock 2. I knew the posters were somewhere in my Lady Cave, but I couldn’t find them. I tore the room apart and eventually located them, but I ALSO found something I had previously dismissed as being in another place (a poster tube inside a larger poster tube). Momentarily sated but wildly curious, I pulled out the small tube and opened it up to see what was inside.

I found:

  • A poster depicting the lifecycle of the Pacific Salmon
  • Three rubber ducks
  • Two cat-shaped swizzle sticks
  • A candy necklace


Even for ME, that’s really fucking weird. Unsettling weird. Creepy, smiling-old-man-rubbing-his-hands-together-and-drooling-slightly-as-he-stares-vacantly-at-fabric-softener weird.

I am afraid of myself.


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