crossing the streams

The Nesting:

must .. fill .. free .. space

I’m trying to cover ALL VIDEO GAMES EVER in my space. I’ve got the aforementioned posters from Bioshock 2, posters from Space Channel 5 and Pinball of the Dead (both from the Gameboy Advance releases in 2003), a Mario hat, Beat from Jet Set Radio, a “What Would Gordon Freeman Do” bumper sticker from Half-Life 2, and my candy bowl:

no, it’s not socketed. YOU try sticking gems in tiny tiny candy.

I dug out a lot of older nerd stuff to bring in, and I know I have a lot more. Perhaps it’s time to dust off the Taiko Drum Master – nothing says “good time at work” like being loud.

Nesting is fun!

One thought on “crossing the streams

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