he’s gonna snip your spine

It’s amazing how much better I sleep when no one is yelling about snipping my spine in two.

On Sunday night, our resident Angry Hobo (he is dangerously crazy and OH SO ANGRY) decided to stand on the corner I live on and yell threatening things out to the world. As strange as it may seem, it’s really no cause for alarm – he does this all the time (although usually not all bloody night long) and as far as I know he has yet to make good on any of his threats. He stomps all around our neighbourhood (and others, I’m assuming, because he’s not around all the time) ranting at the top of his lungs about everything and nothing before he comes up with the plan to snip your spine in two. He must have been really angry on Sunday, because he’d upgraded to snipping testicles while yelling all night long in one spot, instead of yelling while walking off into the distance. I was too comfortable to call the cops so I ignored him even though I was jerked awake ever half hour or so. The following morning I learned that the Spine Snipper spent the night under the awnings beneath our unit – poor lil’ guy must have tuckered himself out.

Whatever his problem, he found somewhere else to yell last night and I was able to sleep all the way through to this morning. I’m much less a zombie than I was yesterday, which is doing wonders for my productivity and mood. Sure, it only took me four hours to write one paragraph – but it’s an improvement, see. I’m working.

On Sunday, Ed was seized with the notion that we really, really needed an XBox Kinect – so he went out and got one. We’ve spent the last couple of nights doing unspeakable things in front of the TV in the name of motion gaming, and it’s pretty cool. I am seriously not crazy about the pictures the Kinect takes while you’re playing – more unflattering images of me have NEVER BEEN TAKEN – but so far it’s been fun. I’m thinking about picking up an easy dance game to try out in the dark privacy of my living room. I’d like to say “it couldn’t hurt”, but knowing me .. I’ll probably fall out of the living room window and land on the Spine Snipper, which’ll make him want to snip my spine.

In other news, I am tired of many, many things. Perhaps it is time for a change!

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