bad timing

I picked a spectacular day to not be in the office, as two parcels came for me and I was not there to receive them. One is going to be a royal pain in the ass to get – they tried to deliver it to Sparta on Tuesday, but I was at work. They came to the office today, but I was at home. Now the internet tells me it’s “available for pickup” .. in the middle of Richmond somewhere, with a massive brokerage fee owing on it. I have a black belt in package-fu, but I really dropped the ball this time around – my inability to predict the courier’s movements has Caused an Issue, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to find my way to Richmond to deal with it. Unfortunately, I can’t call customer service to arrange a (third) alternate until tomorrow, which means I *might* get the package on Friday. Maybe. If I’m really, really lucky. If I’m not .. well, it might be shipped back to friggin’ India and who knows when I’ll see it. It’s not like I placed the order in April or anything, either.

The other package wasn’t dropped off for some reason, but they left a pick-up slip and took it to a post office. Unfortunately, it’s not at the post office across the street from work, but one several blocks away. I’ll have to stop there on my way to work tomorrow to rescue it – it’s not that big a deal, but I’m a bit grumpy at the moment so everything is just a great big inconvenient marble in my ass. If things could just stop getting on my nerves, that would be just greeeeeat.

I’m fairly certain I’m in the middle of my standard Upcoming Birthday Depression, because I’m really fed up with a lot of things I normally let slide. It’s turning me into kind of a jerk, because instead of trying to appreciate the quirks and foibles that make us all different, I’m calling people out for being stupid .. in my mind. In reality, I’m just removing the stupids from my sight and going on an unfollowing spree on Instagram. I love Instagram and think it’s awesome, but people have wildly different opinions on what makes a good photo to share with others. Every single thing you eat? Not interesting. Text messages? Incredibly not interesting. Pictures of people you’re stalking? Creepy as fuck. I’m not saying my own images are Louvre worthy, but at least I try for humour and/or variety. It’s not just pictures, though .. Twitter and Facebook are marbling up my ass too. I’m tired of astounding egos, idiotic statements, *ville invites, demands that we celebrate every moment of your life, modern day equivalents to chain letters .. okay, everything. I’m tired of it all. I kind of want to just lay under my bed and sleep until everyone stops sucking so much.

But then I’d NEVER get my packages, and I wouldn’t know what you had to eat today.

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