nothing to see here

I kind of wish I’d become one of those insufferable “too busy living life to blog about it” folk, but the truth is I just haven’t felt much like writing. Stuff has been going on – Ed’s birthday dinner was a blast, I visited the Lego Store on Saturday and managed to not buy everything in sight (but I did come away with a few new pieces), and on Sunday I orchestrated a surprise pickup of Renee at the airport as she returned from her month in Botswana, featuring the triumphant return of the Terrifying Bieber Masks. Things have been fun if tiring – the weekend wiped me out to such a degree that I dozed through most of Monday and crashed for an epic nap the instant I got home from work. Today I am more awake and I have a bagel. Things are looking up!

.. not that it’s really helping my drive to write. I’d like to blame it all on the weather, as it’s unseasonably cold and grey out there. Truthfully, I know I have no real reason to be anything less than sparkling and dripping with joy: things are great. My job is beyond awesome, things with Ed are the way I like it (mostly naked with a lot of D3 co-op), and the Mini is fantastically fun. I’ve not yet started planning our trip to London later this year, so I’ve got hours upon hours of anal retentive research to do (not to mention all the lovely packing). Things are super, and yet this cloud persists. I wish my birthday didn’t depress the hell out of me – it never used to be like this; I used to be really excited about my birthday – but these days, all I can think about is how I’m old and I still don’t have a pug and my feet should never be this cold in June.

Some sun would be nice.

And a pug. I saw a pug puppy on Sunday at Deacon’s Corner, and my heart broke into a million little pieces. She was a fawn-coloured puppy around 10 weeks old and so cute and snuffly and everything I wanted in a pug and I wanted to keep her. Alas, I had a car full of Bieber masks and no desire for a criminal record so I had to walk away .. but ever since then, my pug lust has been rekindled with a vengeance. All I want is a dog before I’m too old to enjoy it. What’s so difficult about that?

Man, now I’m hungry AND sad. Boo on you, Tuesday.

Wake me up when I remember how to be interesting.

ed’s butt eventually killed off mankind :(

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