the anniversary of my activation

Oh hey, it’s my birthday.

ring pops for everyone!

I am all kinds of old, and will be celebrating my Big Day with carbohydrates. Yay!

Having a birthday fall on a Monday equals low-key celebrations. We did go to Scandinave Spa yesterday with a group of people, but the date was more a coincidence than any particular planned birthday outing (we had coupons that expire soon). Plus, the steam room – 65% of the reason we go to Scandinave – was out of order, so we were a little disappoint. Ridiculously Fancy Brunch at araxi in Whistler helped soothe our steam-free blues though, and it was fun times to be out with friends. Tonight there will be dinner times with additional friends, which I am looking forward to (mostly because I skipped breakfast and I am STARVING). At some point in the future I will collect on my birthday present raincheque from Ed (my fault, not his – at the last minute I decided I didn’t really want or need a Playstation Vita, so I get a present when I figure out what I want), and my birthday will be done. That’s okay, though – I have so very much to look forward to, and my birthday always kind of weirds me out. I’m much better at planning birthday fun for others than I am at celebrating my own, so to that end I am all full up of planning for next month’s batch of friend birthdays. I am happiest making sure others feel the love!

I do hope at some point I will get cake, though.




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