kimli death watch 2012

I’m sick. What started out as a nasty sore throat on Tuesday morning has blossomed into a full blown case of sinusitis, and I’m at home feeling sorry for myself. I was able to work from home yesterday because I felt more or less okay (as long as I didn’t talk or swallow), but as the evening rolled around I got worse and worse. Still, I planned to go into the office today – just because I got no sleep, was hallucinating and couldn’t really stand up was no reason to shirk my duties! I somehow managed to shower and brush my teeth, then promptly fell back into bed. I emailed apologies to work and told them I was in no shape to sit up let alone find clothing and make my way into the office, and then tried to lay back and die as painlessly as possible. It hasn’t worked, so I’m sitting here and doing nothing. I kind of want to play video games, but moving my eyeballs hurts and I can’t seem to remember how to work the controller. POOR ME. Someone come take care of me!

Man, I hate being sick.

3 thoughts on “kimli death watch 2012

    • I am terrified of neti pots :( I tried to use one during a really bad sinus infection once and the liquid went into my cavities and wouldn’t come back out again which made things SO MUCH WORSE :(

  1. I can relate to your malady Kimli… I’m into week 3 of a bad sinus/ear infection that has left me dizzy and nauseas from the ears and completely clogged and in pain from the sinuses. If it wasn’t for my neti pot I’d have no relief on the sinus side… but unfortunately they are so beyond clogged now, that the saline is just backing up into my ears and running down my throat… Just got off a 10-day round of antibiotics, called the doctor to say I still felt like crap and couldn’t ride in a car without getting carsick due to the ears, so he is phoning in a Rx for a superpose, 1-a-day drug to take for another 10 days. Get yourself checked out ok… if you’re infected, it isn’t going to go away by itself. And after 3 weekends on my own, trying to nurse myself better, I think I’m going to make Shan-dad stay home from the cottage and take care of me!

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