ghost ship

BC Ghost Ship is a good deal less scary than movie Ghost Ship – for starters, fewer dead bodies (that we could see) and no one getting cut in half via tourniquet guillotine trip wire thingie. That being said, it’s still spooky as all hell:

strange boat adrift on the ocean, happened upon by four people out exploring. yeah, that doesn’t sound like the start of a horror movie AT ALL.

The boat was obviously a BC Ferry, but in a place it had no business being. The water was calm and I didn’t have to pee, so we decided to get a little closer.

where did that mysterious fog come from? it was so nice out just seconds ago! *

something is just not right here – and is that a theremin i hear?

is that bag dripping blood?

Never have I ever so very, very badly wanted to throw caution to the wind and EXPLORE THAT BOAT, but we were not equipped for urban exploration (or fighting off a team of crazed hillbillies wielding chainsaws and wearing suits of skin) and were paying for our boat rental by the hour, so we didn’t stop. I want to go back, though, so bad. The boat calls to me. It .. sings. I hear it singing. It’s lonely, and it wants me to return. And stay. Forever, and ever, and ever.

do you hear laughing children?

We had seen a couple boats in the area as we approached the boat, but while we were within gaping distance we were utterly alone. It was hands down the creepiest thing we’ve ever stumbled across (well, second creepiest for me – that dismembered deer leg I found once in downtown Victoria was still worse), and so confusing: why? It wasn’t always there; Ed and I have made that boat loop at least 4 times before, and this was the first we’ve ever come across a seemingly abandoned  BC Ferry. The name of the boat had been painted over, but you could still make out the letters beneath: it was the Queen of Saanich; a boat I have been on before. For some strange reason, that wasn’t a comforting thing to know – oh, here’s a boat I’ve got history with, all rusted out and broken down in a hidden cove for no reason at all. No big deal! Except yes big deal, because it was CREEPY AS SHIT.


And yet .. well, what are you doing tomorrow?

Bring gloves.

i was the only survivor.

*: the fog came from my boobs. I have a bad habit of storing things in my bra, and that’s where I was keeping my iPhone zoom lens – I grew warm in my excitement, and the condensation collected on my lens. I mean, it was a ghost fog. Yep, totally ghost fog and not sweaty boob fog.

6 thoughts on “ghost ship

  1. I know there was one old BC Ferry used for an episode or two of “The Secret Circle” (horrible teen drama series, but filmed here so I watch it), I’m not sure if it was this one or if there’s another one docked up the south arm of the Fraser or what.

    There was also the McBarge, though I heard it was going to be moved and finally used for something. Though I haven’t been out that way to see if it’s gone yet.

  2. I used to work for the B.C. Ferry Corp throughout the eighties. I worked on this ship, (and the other three abandoned ferries many a time). I can remember all the people who worked on her too. What is now a ‘spooky ghost ship’ was once full of life. Almost all ships are scrapped one day but I never thought I’d ever see anything like this. Undignified and disgracefull. The B.C. government needs to deal with this asap and deal with the private business vermin who caused it!

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