I am SO TIRED that attending my first meeting this morning actually woke me up a little. That ain’t RIGHT.

Two days ago, the airline emailed me to let me know our flights to London had changed ever so slightly: instead of an 8:05pm departure we’re now leaving at 8:25, and returning at 2:55pm instead of 3:10. We’re still two months away from our trip, but if the airline has already started notifying me about changes and that my seat is terrible I figure I should be allowed to start packing. So, I have. There’s a small suitcase in my Lady Cave where I’m storing “For London” items – so far, it contains a whole lot of UK power adapters, our Oyster Cards, and a piggy bank of the leftover change I had from our last trip. I’m off to a good start, I think – I can get around the city, I will have power for my phone and laptop, and I can buy some Diet Coke. What more do I need?

Certainly not pants.

the looks of horror and intrigue are conflicting

now we need a new doctor


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