cure those tuesday blues

It seems as though the entire universe is in a bad mood today, myself included – so let’s all cheer up by looking at some beautiful cats that need homes. I can absolutely guarantee that giving a cat a much-needed home full of love will do wonders for any mood, so don’t think – just go with your heart (because if I do it, I’ll end up with 84 cats).


photo by cindy hughes

This here is Rosie. Don’t let her upright stance fool you; Rosie spends an equal amount of time being adorably upside down:

photo by cindy hughes

Rosie is shy at first meeting, but will quickly become your best friend. She’s a snuggler, loving attention and playtime. Rosie is full of personality, and could easily dominate other, more timid animals – so she’s probably better off being the doted-upon only cat in a stable home. Sadly, Rosie has experienced some trauma recently and as a result she’s going through some litter box issues. All she needs is a bunch of love and a little patience, and she’ll be back to her within-the-lines self in no time.

Do you have a home you can offer gorgeous Miss Rosie? She’s currently at at Katie’s Place Shelter in Maple Ridge, waiting for you. GO NOW!


photo by cindy hughes

Tyson is a healthy, affectionate cat with fun crinkly ears (fun fact: he’s known as a “Shelter Fold” because he has folded ears due to past ear hematomas as opposed to being a Scottish Fold cat). In addition to his neat eats, Tyson also comes installed with a mouth at no extra charge to you:

photo by cindy hughes

This lovely happy boy needs you to love him madly. If you are in love with Tyson, you should adopt him from Katie’s Place Shelter very soon because I am about to tell my co-worker who is also named Tyson and is ALSO orange all over that he needs to step up and take his kitten doppelgänger home.


photo by cindy hughes

Shelley, like me, would do best in a home without children. She’s a fluffy ball of love, hungry for affection and a home of her very own. Shelley is a gentle, undemanding cat with a lot to offer a family; able to entertain herself but happily accepting of attention. She’s also beautiful and SO FLUFFY:

photo by cindy hughes

Shelley is patiently waiting for you at Katie’s Place. Please give her a home today!

See more kitites who only want to be loved at Orphan Animal Pics!


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