We Wangzilla-Pinduccis are a delicious bunch:



Our weekend in Victoria was actually a great time – the weather on Saturday was gorgeous, and we spent it all outside. The highlight of the afternoon was definitely the Petting Zoo at Beacon Hill Park – apparently, I am extremely delicious to baby goats. I made many friends at the zoo while fending off my dress, sweater, buttons, bag, phone, necklace, sunglasses and hair from being eaten; goats were all around me up in my business and it was awesome. One goat in particular, Wall-E, looooooved me – he would jump on my back and snorfle at my neck, and kept coming back for attention (and to eat my pieces). Eventually, he did the cutest thing ever – climbed up into my lap and FELL ASLEEP ON ME:

ignore the boobs; look at the goat

He slept like that for at least 15 minutes before I had to set him down (he was heavy and slidey), but it was hard to let him go because OMG ADORABLE. I want to love all the animals, all the time. LOVE.

Speaking of loving animals, I should have some new cats to feature that need homes – adopt them! Adopt them now! Watch this space for more heartbreaking pictures of orphaned cats.

Also, I’ve made a Big Life Decision that I will inevitably share here shortly.

Happy rainy Monday!

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