adopt these cats (or else)

You know what you need? MORE CATS.

photo by cindy hughes
high five for cats!

This is Fiji. She is a femme fatale with a secret past and glorious green eyes; fond of high fives, sensual espionage, and belly rubs. Fiji came to Katie’s Place Shelter after seeking asylum from her foreign diplomat boyfriend who had been arrested for selling secrets and imitation tuna to the Soviets, and she has decided that Canada is the perfect place to retire from her exotic past. Fiji is seeking a forever home; one where she can forget all about the danger and intrigue of her former life and instead bask in the warmth of sunshine and unconditional love. Will you be the one to take Fiji in? She’s at Katie’s Place Shelter in Maple Ridge, waiting for you with open paws and a sophisticated air.

photo by cindy hughes

This is the closest you are likely to get to James Bond:

photo by cindy hughes
keeping an eye out for zombie ninjas

This is Bit Bit. He needs a home after his previous home was destroyed in an unfortunate zombie ninja incident. Bit Bit managed to escape after valiantly saving several adorable large-eyed orphans and also a delicious pie, but sadly found himself without a place to sleep when the dust and limbs settled. Science has proven that taking Bit Bit into your heart and home will make your hair thicker and shinier, make you more attractive to the sex of your choosing, cause multiple undetectable “bank errors” in your favour, and increase your attention span. Someone once told me you are looking for all those things, so do yourself a favour and adopt Bit Bit today. He’s at Katie’s Place Shelter in Maple Ridge, being suave and fighting crime, and he needs YOU.

a plastic yellow box is no place for a mighty warrior

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