your universe dresses provocatively

Oh, hi.

How’s it going?

I’ve been experimenting lately, with mind-bending drugs taking a bit of a break from the blog. It’s a lot less relaxing than I hoped it would be – instead of revelling in the “I don’t write unless I want to”-ness of it all, I find myself sodden with guilt and assorted panty juices. Not writing is hard. I want to write all the things, all the time. I want to share everything – and that’s sort of the other half of the problem: I’ve really got nothing to share. When I’m not sleeping, I’m working. When I’m not working, I’m naked and thinking about sleep. I’m not complaining (except for my vague Twitter complaints about micromanagement and my attempts to avoid strangling people who touch my work) – I really, really like my job. I love what I do, my co-workers are great, and stuff is fun. You know how I like fun – so yeah, this is crammed right up my alley hole.

There’s just not a lot going on beyond that, and the last thing I want to do is write post after post apologizing for the whole lot of nothing. Sure, stuff will be happening soon – I’m officially allowed to start packing for London in three weeks – but until then, I’m working and sleeping and being naked and thinking about dongs all the time.

Oh, here’s something new and completely fascinating: I worried I’m starting to lose my hearing. I’ve been poking around the internet and I think I’m going to go for a hearing test – things are always too loud or too quiet, and I absolutely can’t hear anything if there are conflicting noises layered on top. It’s beginning to freak me out – I kind of like hearing things – so I figger I should do something about it. Given my past history as a melodramatic hypochondriac, I’m pretty sure I have some form of incurable hearing cancer with a side of fatal ear pox. When I’m gone, think fondly of me and remember how I used to be able to hear once.

Okay, enough guilt updating. I have work to do – heading out to Langley again tomorrow – and then it will be long weekend times complete with BBQs, fireworks, and sunburned boobs.

2 thoughts on “your universe dresses provocatively

  1. If it makes you feel any better, “I absolutely can’t hear anything if there are conflicting noises layered on top,” sounds less like an ear problem and more like a brain problem — maybe late-onset autism or early-onset dementia. But not lupus! It’s never lupus.

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