It’s been a very unproductive long weekend ’round these parts, mostly on account of the heat. Each year for about one week in the summer it gets kind of unbearable in Sparta; fucking with our sleep schedules and generally reducing us to piles of motionless lumps of flesh or fur. I try not to complain about it too much because a) it never lasts long and b) in the grand scheme of “summer heat”, we get off extremely easy. Still, I’m tired of sleeping. It’s too hot to put on clothes let alone go outside, so we’ve watched a lot of Olympics and also last night’s Mars Landing, which was amazing and arousing at the same time. GO SCIENCE!

We did spend most of Saturday outside at Renee’s place, celebrating her belated birthday. She’s the only one of us with occasional access to a backyard (complete with tramampoline), so we had a golly good birthday BBQ with badminton and beer and other things that start with the letter B. I made Miranda’s mango salsa, which is quickly becoming a crowd favourite and has usurped Vince Dip as the potluck dish of choice – it is delicious and summery and full of nothing but fresh local goodness. It’s fantastic with tortilla chips, even better on fresh spinach, and we are not above eating it right out of the bowl with a spoon. I may have to make some today, because it is too hot for actual cooking and also it is crazy delicious.

The upcoming week will be a short one due to today’s holiday, but it’s going to be busy nonetheless. I’m looking forward to being back in the office – I have a lot of work to do, including the start of a shiny new project and the wrap up of the first chapter of another. Plus, the office has AC. I will gladly work for AC.

i plan to be this happy about something someday. YAY SCIENCE!

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