pants are a terrible line of defence

I may have been a little too glib about the amount of burning I was experiencing due to my mishandled jalapeno peppers – I pretty much burned NON STOP until around 10am the next morning. I was in a significant amount of discomfort to the point of giving some serious thought to .. well, I don’t know what. It seemed a ridiculous thing to go to the ER for, and I hate being laughed out of emergency for my imagined ailments and Patient Zero symptoms. I spent a lot of time fantasizing about swimming pool sized vats of sour cream I could stick my arms in (which, as I later learned, wasn’t too far off from what I should have actually done), and eventually settled on an appropriate course of action: flopping around the house, moaning dramatically about the burning. THERE WAS SO MUCH BURNING! It just wouldn’t stop! In fact, if I stick my finger in my eye, it still burns. And when I chew on my fingernails, they’re burny. It’s been over 48 hours, and I now know what it would feel like if I lit myself on fire (hint: not good at all).

Even though I was burning from the inside out, we left the house just before midnight on Saturday night to collect Josh and go see some meteors. We drove up Cypress Mountain past my favourite lookout to a picnic area away from city lights, and set up a small camp for watching. At the time I felt very proud of myself for being smart enough to wear pants and thigh-high socks to thwart the mosquitos, but it turns out pants are completely fucking useless: mosquitos got me anyway (I am delicious), through my many layers of clothing. I didn’t discover the bites until much later (thankfully after I had finished burninating), but I am annoyed about them. I WORE PANTS! What more can I do to avoid bugs? See, this is why I never go outside. I rarely get bitten by anything inside my house, and I don’t have to wear anything let alone stupid pants.

I tried to take some pictures of the meteor shower, but I’ve reluctantly concluded that my camera sucks. I’m on my second entry-level DSLR (after my k200d died I bought the K-x), and I kind of wish I hadn’t taken the leap from bridge camera to grown up camera. I used my trusty Canon S5 IS for years, and I loved it – it took the most awesome pictures; some of my favourites ever. Hell, even the pictures I took with the k200 were pretty good .. but the K-x I just can’t get behind. It feels cheap, it’s a battery hog, and I don’t like the images it takes (which is much more my fault than the camera, but still). I’m tempted to find my Canon and bring that to London instead of my DSLR – between that camera and the iPhone, I should have enough picture-taking devices on hand. And in the meantime, I will research new bridge cameras but absolutely not buy one. See? I am being RESPONSIBLE!

Less than 6 weeks until LONDON!

how high? real high coz I’m just so fly

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