shh, voice.

I started this morning out incredibly grumpy – not really because of one particular thing, but I was in a Foul Friday Mood.

Then work made it all better!

I’ve been largely AFK from everything for the past couple days; doing workshop stuff at a client’s office. I was really nervous about the whole thing because they were MY meetings – I have promoted myself to Supreme Workshop Facilitator and Master of All that Exists at work, and this 2-day session was my first outing of Being in Charge. For the last 56 hours or so I was either concentrating really hard on Doing Things, or being at home passed the fuck out: concentrating that hard took a lot out of me, and at the end of both days I came home and promptly collapsed in a quivering puddle of anxiety and headaches. Luckily, everything went really well but that didn’t stop me from waking up on the angry side of Friday, and I was all kinds of stormy on my way into the office this morning.

It’s three hours later, and I’ve been in all the meetings (including a long distance trek for Team Coffee). Normally that would increase my Angry Quotient, but the meetings were all good – I knocked Being in Charge out of the fucking park, and my team (which included my boss) and the client are all happy. Hooray! Then, when my meetings were finally done, I discovered there was leftover pasta in the Secret Fridges from yesterday’s office lunch that we missed due to being offsite at meetings (where, to be fair, we were fed a delicious lunch anyway that also included bacon). FREE PASTA! HAPPY TEAM AND CLIENTS! PAYDAY! Okay, maybe this Friday isn’t so bad after all. I even found the favourite lipstick I thought I lost, so things are looking up all over the place.

This is a stupid post, but it will make the little voice in the back of my head that is nagging me for not posting shut up for a day or two, at which point I should have other things to say that aren’t “I’m busy” “I’m cranky” “zzzZZz”.

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