Today I made use of my birthday present from Shan and Heather and attended a skirt-making class at Spool of Thread. Look at my skirt!


“But wait”, you’re likely thinking. “That skirt looks .. normal. Are you feeling okay? Is this a science experiment? Did someone dare you to make something boring for once? Who ARE you?”

It’s okay! The skirt looks boring from a distance, but actually has not one but TWO SECRETS:

shiny shiny shiny shiny!

The fabric looks beige, but it’s actually a gold linen. It’s crazy shiny up close, and wearing the skirt is kind of like wearing a disco ball. Also, because I had to be fancy and because bias tape is the greatest thing ever, I edged the skirt in olive green for contrast instead of just hemming it (I may have zero confidence in my ability to cut a straight line, and bias tape hides all my crooked sins quite nicely and also looks great).

But wait! There’s more!

The skirt is friggin’ reversible:

thaaaaaaaat’s more like it

The other side of the skirt is this crazy Japanese fabric I’ve had for a while and was holding on to for the perfect project. I purposefully made the inside shorter so the edged linen shows underneath, because see above re: fancy. The skirt fits perfectly, and looks awesome if I do say so myself. Hooray! Successful skirt making is successful and also easy!

all of the colours!

I may be planning a trip to the fabric store as early as tomorrow to start a second skirt, because having two reversible skirts in London is four days worth of clothing and it is SO COOL to make things I can actually wear instead of just carry on my shoulder. YAY! Awesome birthday present was super fun! Thanks, Shan and Heather! :D

3 thoughts on “BEHOLD MY MAD SKILLS

  1. The skirt looks so awesome! I’m totally in love with that shiny linen fabric too. Now I must keep an eye out for some next time I’m lucky enough to go fabric shopping.

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