delayed reaction kittens

If ever there was a time for MORE KITTENS, it would be on a Monday after an exceptionally cranky Sunday. Today there are extra kittens, because I didn’t post any last week while I was knee-deep in om and pretending to be highly organized – but this week it is GAME CAT ON! I even picked out the cutest, most adoptable cats in all the world to entice you with warm kitteny-goodness. There’s a long weekend coming up, and what better way to celebrate Labour Day than to open your heart and home to some soft fuzzy purring love? You can even drink beer while doing it! It’s the best of all possible worlds!

arizona is guaranteed to be more welcoming and less crazy than his namesake US state

Arizona is a super friendly grey-and-white stripy kitten, full of fun and curiosity. He loves cuddling, especially when sleepy (which, if you haven’t experienced a sleepy kitten purring drowsily in your ear, is an excellent reason to be alive). Arizona would love to be adopted with one of his brothers, but would also do fine on his own. He’s got all his shots, is house-trained and neutered, so he’s ready to go – adopt Arizona today!

george has a flavour!

Fall is coming, and orange is a good fall colour. Meet George O’Mally; a great big orange-and-white ball of fun. He’s still a kitten, but a big one (that probably won’t grow to Hobbz proportions) that loves a good time. George has been around small children and is great with them, so if you’re into that whole “having kids” thing then George would be a wonderful addition to your home. He loves to play and explore, but is also very snuggly with a fondness for laps and falling asleep in the crook of your neck. George is very social and would do well in homes with other pets!

fyi tora is a cat and not a japanese war movie

Tora is a medium-sized adult male who looks like a bit of a bruiser but is secretly a bit of a diva. He is outgoing, friendly, and LOVES attention – but he still gets along very well with other animals, even if they’re distracting attention from him. Tora is gorgeous, easy-going cat who wants nothing more than someone (or a family of someones) to shower him with love and all the attention he could ever want. Adopt Tora today, and make your home more awesome just by having him around!

this chin was made for scratching, and that’s just what you’ll do

Avery needs you, and he needs you NOW. He’s a shy little creamsicle who is nervous around people, and needs some special love and attention to ease him into a new home. If you’re a loving, patient individual with a soft spot for tiny adorable kittens, then please consider adopting Avery if for no other reason than to save him:


LOOK AT THE NAILS ON THAT WOMAN! I am terrified she’s going to puncture poor tiny Avery, who is obviously thinking the same thing! Won’t you save him? Let Avery into your heart and home, and save him from a cruel, manicured fate!

hipster kitty grooms his goatee nightly

Last but by no means least, we have the lovely Torez. He’s a free spirited kitten with lovely markings and an great attitude, and would make your home an exciting den of adorable activity. Like the others (it’s apparently Boy Kitten Day today), Torez is housetrained, has had all his shots, and is neutered. He needs someone to love him unconditionally, and will reciprocate in kind – and I dare you to have a bad day with kitten love in your face on a regular basis. You can’t. That’s just plain scientific fact.

All the kittens featured today were photographed by Cindy Hughes, and are currently at Home Finders Animal Rescue Society. Please contact them if you’d like to meet one of these awesome cats, and hopefully find yourself a friend for life who wants nothing more than love and to lay on all your clothes.


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