all of the stupid

“Could I please get a glass of ice?”

“Sure okay yes yes”

*wanders off*

*comes back 5 minutes later with a plastic knife*

“Um .. thank you, but I really wanted a glass of ice.”

“oh okay okay ice yes yes”

*wanders off*

*several minutes pass*

*the universe begins anew*

*strolls on back; hands me a cup of water with three ice cubes floating in it*

“… thanks?”

*head explodes*

I am starting to have a sneaking suspicion that the Mayans didn’t mean the world as we think of was going to end in 2012, but rather the world – as it relates to each of us personally – will come crashing down on our heads.

Especially if you’re a woman.

If I was an American, I would be fucking terrified of the things coming out of the mouths of those who endeavour to be in charge. Every day, more and more articles are coming out that highlight the truly horrific things that people – usually men, who are among the last people anyone should be interviewing for their opinions on rape and women’s health – not only think, but proudly share out loud to anyone within earshot. “It’s not that hard to avoid being raped!” Really? Oh, okay. Everyone can stop worrying, then.

Sadly, the idiocy doesn’t seem to stop at the border – just this morning news out of Toronto is that all women need to do to avoid being raped is to “stop dressing like whores”. The last time some genius came out with the same idea – you know, blame women for being raped instead of blaming the men who do the raping – the Slut Walk was born. Some people didn’t learn a thing, though. We’re not just treading water, we’re fucking going back in time.

It’s 2012. How is it possible that women are losing ground instead of gaining it?

One thought on “all of the stupid

  1. The women need to be voting – they’d have half of the men behind them… and get rid of those who would take away rights… the tea partiers that got in because women didn’t vote last time….

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