Yesterday was awesome for many reasons, but the very best part of all had to be our bus ride home. Did you know:

  • Poligrip isn’t just used to secure dentures, it can also be used to apply fangs
  • Werewolves have fangs on the top AND bottom, but wearing all four would make it difficult to speak
  • A forward-facing camera on a Blackberry makes an excellent reflective surface in which to apply your fangs on the bus
  • It is difficult to find a werewolf-worthy jacket
  • An updated version of Teen Wolf is a thing
  • New Teen Wolf plays lacrosse (?!) instead of basketball
  • Putting together a Teen Wolf lacrosse outfit would be so rad
  • Because apparently people cosplay as Teen Wolf
  • .. in public

Two young guys (whom I have dubbed Teen Wolf and Lil’ Duke Nukem, respectively) on our bus ride home yesterday were textbook Loud Bus Nerds, and they were awesome. Loud Bus Nerds are one of my favourite things ever – they are almost always guys, they are very proud and eerily knowledgable about whatever they’re into, and EVERYONE AROUND THEM MUST KNOW IT. This is what differs Loud Bus Nerds from, say, me – I am a nerd who knows more about Gen1 Transformers trivia circa 1986 than I do my own family medical history, but I’m not loud about it in public on the bus. I spent the entire ride listening to their very loud conversation, and I learned all the things outlined above including that the shirt Teen Wolf was wearing was an homage to Season 2 Episode 1 but the buttons weren’t quite right so he had to alter it a little, and that he is very much in high demand this Halloween for .. well, he didn’t say WHY he was in high demand, but I have to assume it had something to do with his detailed New Teen Wolf knowledge and ability to wear light blue contact lenses.

this jacket: hard to find

I spent much of the bus ride trying very hard not to laugh while tweeting choice bits of the conversation it was impossible not to hear. Lil’ Duke Nukem was the quieter of the two, but he was equally enthusiastic about the whole notion of Teen Wolf cosplay (and, I can only assume, was in costume as well: Duke Nukem imagined as the protagonist of a Charles Atlas fitness ad). The two waxed poetry on a whole bunch of topics, even getting philosophical about life and the hardships facing a guy pretending to be a TV werewolf in this day and age. Basically, the entire 30 minute ride can be summed up thusly:

So. Awesome.

The rest of the evening was less hilarious but a great deal of fun: I managed to drag out a whole gaggle of friends to the PNE, where we walked forever, ate a surprisingly minimal amount of terrible fair food, purchased items As Seen on TV, and did the Star Trek Exhibit. We caved and purchased a set of pictures taken on various Star Trek props, because it’s incredibly rare to get a photo of most of the people I love in one place – and if that place just happens to be the bridge of the NCC-1701, it’s just fucking delicious icing on a cake made of unicorn wishes.

The night ended with Heather, Shan and I on the Tilt-a-Whirl, where our whirls were throughly tilted. I think the ride operator may have been messing with us, because that ride lasted FOREVER and it was so much fun – Shan and I have a long-standing Whirl tradition, and it was a fine continuation of our pact. All in all, a very enjoyable evening spent with very enjoyable company: A++++, would buy again.

ed is attempting to psyche out the competition (it didn’t work)

love this ride, but no one will go on with me (and more importantly I didn’t want to stand in line or pay $11 to go on)

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