After learning that my sewing machine was clearly broken and made of suck, I decided to sleep on it (not literally, that would hurt). The next day I took another crack at it, because I was determined to finish my skirts and I am stubborn like fuck. Sleep must have helped (or I swore the magic amount), because I got the zigzag stitch to work without destroying the world: skirt game on, bitches.

official skirt #2: joker edition

Did you know that Ikea sells fabric? Sure, it’s meant for upholstering furniture .. but you could also WEAR it. On your bum. In skirt form! It’s fun for everyone!

I wanted to trim the skirt in a matching purple, but I couldn’t find the what I needed .. so clearly the only thing to do is go in the complete opposite direction:

why so serious

Green is for all reasons!

Like the first skirt I made, this one is also reversible:

i’m a disco duck

Last week when Heather and I went fabric shopping, I stumbled upon a shiny shiny treasure: METALLIC DENIM ON SALE. I made the other side of the skirt a ridiculous bright silver with a plum trim:

ridiculous makes me happy!

This whole “make my own skirts” thing is going to be a great deal of fun, and just in time: one of the new coops at work dresses odder than I do, and I must destroy her. With shiny fabric, and things made of upholstery. Also, I’m going to make a rainbow skirt out of glitter mesh. Don’t look at me like that – I wasn’t hugged enough as a child, okay?


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