babies having babies

Today’s Featured Cats are already parents, but are mere kittens themselves. It’s like Teen Mom*, only with cats and a great deal less trashiness and tabloid fodder.

the neverending kiiiiiiiiiitty!

This is Atreyu. He was cruelly abandoned with his baby momma and their kittens after saving Fantasia and dispelling the Nothing, but is completely unfazed by his ordeal. Just a baby himself at 8 months old, Atreyu is a sweet gentle boy (who is also a brave warrior) who needs a princely home that will love him for all his days.

i am a brave warrior and i ride a horse

Speaking of the baby momma:

baby momma

Meet Leema. She was abandoned along with Atreyu (the baby daddy) and her kittens, which she had at 7 months old. That is far too young to be having kittens, yet Leema – a kitten herself – is a doting mother to her babies. She loves people and other animals, and is a sweet girl who needs a home that will spoil her like the loving kitten she still is.

all i want is loooooove

Both Atreyu and Leema were photographed by Ben Johnson, are currently available through HomeFinders Rescue Association. Please contact them to arrange to meet these adorable cats  and consider giving them a permanent home. It’s a proven fact that cat ownership makes you a better person, so you should hurry up and better yourself already.

*: I’ve never actually seen Teen Mom, but I assume it’s exceptionally trashy. Is it trashy? It looks trashy, and like it might smell of Exclamation and Kraft Dinner (which are both just awful).

Ed is out of town until Sunday. I should adopt some kittens!

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