sad kimli has no tickets

Ed is in Toronto (eww) on a business trip, so I am spending my free time doing all the things I don’t do while Ed is around:

  • Touched many wieners
  • An entire evening of TV with no sports
  • Ordered myself dinner from a place Ed doesn’t like
  • Painted all my nails in the living room multiple times
  • Slept upside down and sideways on the bed

Yeah, I’m a wild animal.

Truthfully, I’m not feeling all that great – I am tired. I have absolutely no reason to be as tired as I am; I’ve been sleeping through the night and mainlining caffeine like there’s a global shortage but still all I want to do is curl up on the beanbag chairs at work and sleep. My big plan for tonight is laundry, packing, and drooling on the couch, because if I’m getting sick I need to get over it immediately: I do not have time for germs.

I was supposed to be doing a whirlwind trip to Seattle tomorrow, to see Astronautalis open for the Flobots. I ordered my tickets online on July 31st; 7 weeks in advance of the show because I am anal retentive and like to plan things out and also Astronautalis is pretty much my favourite artist ever. However, as the show date crept closer and no tickets appeared, I started to worry. A quick Google of the company I purchased the tickets through (Ground Ctrl) showed many, many complaints about them: there are multiple Facebook groups full of people calling them out for lack of delivery and responses to inquiries. I emailed them several times, but didn’t get a response – so I opened a case through Paypal, hoping to get them to respond. I reasoned that they’d HAVE to answer the claim, and in the worst case scenario at least I’d have the case opened with Paypal before the 45-day window closed.

Radio silence.

Finally, last night I complained on Twitter and got a response within minutes. The response wasn’t particularly a good one: because I opened the Paypal claim, they didn’t ship my tickets. Instead of responding to let me know they were on their way, or apologizing and resending the shipment, or even arranging my tickets to be waiting at Will Call .. they did nothing. They haven’t answered the Paypal dispute or any of my emails, and they didn’t send my tickets in retaliation for the claim, and they didn’t bother to tell me any of this until last night, when the show in on Saturday.


So, no concert for me. At this point, I just want my money back – Ground Ctrl is crooked as fuck, and the whole thing has left a bad taste in my mouth. I’m super bummed out, because Astronautalis hasn’t been to Vancouver since October ’10 and this is my only chance to see him on this tour. Sad Kimli is sad, and now has no Saturday night adventure planned. Booooooooo.

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