Coming down after my Saturday Night Adventure High was not easy. I crashed and burned pretty hard, and have been holed up in misery over the last few days wallowing in some ironically-timed pre-anniversary relationship crises. While I fully admit that a large portion of the multiple exotic catastrophes can be attributed to my freaking out about the fact that Ed and I have officially entered our fifteenth year of domestic quasi-bliss together; an equal amount of weight must be filed under the sweeping generalization of “men are jerks”. Thankfully, butter chicken more or less heals all wounds, and we’ve been brought back from the brink of divorce (or at least a bloody knife fight) by the timely delivery of naan and paneer. Crisis adverted!

I’m being exceptionally glib, of course, but stuff will get better (or there will be a bloody knife fight). No relationship is perfect, and ours is no exception. Yes, the timing of this latest round is somewhat unfortunate and the irony is absolutely not lost on me, but I suppose it’s a positive sign that we both still care enough to fight at all. So really, this is a good thing. Hooray! Cupcakes for all!

In other news that is nowhere near as personal and awkward, I received an unexpected sorta-raise this week. It was unexpected because I still have 5 weeks left on my probationary period and the thought that I might be qualified to receive anything at all in this round of salary reviews hadn’t remotely crossed my mind, and it’s a sorta-raise because it’s really small. Like, really really small and not at all a performance-based raise but more of a “now you’re in the right salary band” kind of thing. Basically, it pays for the iPhone 5 I should be receiving on Friday so that’s pretty cool – and like I said, it came completely out of nowhere and I am not one to complain when someone says “here, have more money”.

The rest of the week will likely pass by in a blur. Friday is our actual anniversary, which we will celebrate with packing and last minute house cleaning as we leave for London on Saturday. Any posts I make after Saturday will likely be filled with pictures of various London things, so you have that to look forward to instead of additional posts like this late-night post of unusually clipped angst decorated with $3 words and a strange alien lilt.

I’m tired and full of butter chicken, okay.

Tomorrow: kittens!

Right now: an uneasy sleep!

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