call me fräulein kimli

I spent much of last week alternating between migraines and work, so there wasn’t really much of anything to write about. This weekend I more than made up for any lack of interesting existence on my part, by swinging wildly from one unrelated activity to the next like some sort of ADHD monkey excited about Disneyland – in the last 48 hours, I have:

  • Prepared my various computers for my return to the world of shoutcasting – starting next Sunday, I’ll be on air covering Return to Castle Wolfenstein with a bunch of guys from the Team Sportscast Network, way back in the day
  • Discovered the internet’s love affair with James Deen and promptly hopped on the bandwagon: I’ve watched more porn in the last two days than I have in the last decade
  • Had a girl’s night in with some friends, where we tried on each other’s clothes, ate cheesecake, and discussed foreskins (we’re all a fan)
  • Prepared delicate chicken mini quiches for a baby shower
  • More porn
  • Freaked out about attending said baby shower – it’ll be my first, and I’m vastly uncomfortable already. Porn is cued up on my phone in case I need to take a break from all the wholesome baby talk.
  • Sewed up a new skirt that has both lined pockets and no bias tape – I hemmed!
  • Oh, and the skirt is made out of a shower curtain because I am totally Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music
  • It was a really pretty shower curtain, damnit, and I didn’t want to waste the leftover fabric
  • .. which was leftover from our very first Ikea hack, in which we repurposed an Expedit desk setup into an entryway storage unit for our helmets and daily incidentals and a discreetly curtained area for the cat litter boxes

Also, laundry.

It’s been a busy weekend.

Quick, what are some appropriate things to talk about at a baby shower? Maybe I should make some cue cards.

  • Merkins: NO
  • Chapped nipples: YES
  • 8v8 mp_beach strategies: NO
  • Diaper Genies: YES
  • Diaper Rash: YES
  • Adult Diaper Rash: NO

Piece of cake.

3 thoughts on “call me fräulein kimli

  1. You were excellent at baby-showering! THANK YOU so much for the delicious quiches and for coming and hanging out. I know these things aren’t your scene, but I have to say for a baby shower there was an INCREDIBLE amount of penis talk (and art), so there’s that. So good to see you! xoxoxo!

  2. I was so close to clicking on that James Deen link when I remembered I’m at work. And I work with family. So, a couple of problems there if I got caught.

    Also, I think a healthy dose of penis talk would profoundly enhance my experience of baby showers. I am resolved to bring up this topic as much as possible at the next one I attend.

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