might as well jump

Renee and I went to America today, for socks and scotch (to be enjoyed at the same time). While there, we popped into Forever 21 because we wanted to see how the other half live (and sometimes they have super cute accessories for cheap and we are girls so shut up sometimes we’re into that shit because it can’t be all drupal and software requirement specs all the time). We picked out our various shiny baubles made by children and went to stand in the checkout line, where we witness to this exchange:

Cashier, to girl buying a Van Halen sweatshirt: Oh, Van Halen! I LOVE these guys! Do you have a favourite Van Halen song?

Girl, who’s probably around 14: They’re a band?

Cashier, almost in tears: Oh, no. No no no. You’re going to make me cry. You don’t know that Van Halen is a BAND?

Girl: No, I just liked the shirt ..

Cashier: Okay, Van Halen is a band from California that was formed in 1972. Their debut album came out in 1978, and you probably know that song “Jump”? Well, that was Van Halen. They’re .. <rattles off an impressive amount of information about Van Halen>. Check them out when you get home! They’re awesome, you’ll love it!

Renee and I were both horrified, but mostly impressed – the cashier herself couldn’t have been in her mid-20s, but she was clearly a huge Van Halen fan and knew her shit. Our hats off to you, Forever 21 cashier .. and shame on you, random sweatshirt buying tween. SHAME!

Also, socks and scotch totally happened. Success!

4 thoughts on “might as well jump

  1. In choir last week the conductor had the bass section sing the same bar over and over again, and the guy next to me commented on how funny it sounded, and I responded with “it’s like a broken record”. And he looked at me and I realized he’d probably never seen a record played in his life. Youth today.

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