Inspirational quotes on images are a thing. I think they’re kind of silly. This is an example of a real inspirational image that someone created:

deep. like the ocean.

deep. like the ocean.

Here is another:



There are thousands if not millions of similar images on the internet, and they all follow the same idea: take an “inspirational” quote or saying, superimpose it on a picture of a sunset or a flower or landscape, then get ready for the feels. Some of them are pretty good, and while I am not at all inspired by italics and mis-attributed quotations, I can see how some would be. Others are just terrible – stupid nonsensical sayings that are badly punctuated and often misspelled. As an upwardly mobile internet expert, I find myself cringing at most of the inspirational images that float my way (usually on Facebook or Instagram) – they’re just .. bad. They hit me right in the feels, except in this case “feels” is really short for “vomit sac”.

I’ve been making fun of them for a week, by releasing my own “inspirational” quotes on images:


not even once. (taken at whytecliff park)

alternate caption: "drink water like it makes you h2o"

alternate caption: “drink water like it makes you h2o” (sunset in cuba)

so true, you guys

so true, you guys (sunset at spanish banks)

I was having a good time with these, making myself giggle at inappropriate times. Still, I felt I could do more – so I lowered the bar:

they're so great that way

they’re so great that way (macro of ikea fibre optic lights)

I even started handing out terrible advice, dressed in a beautiful photo:

please don't actually do this

please don’t actually do this (sunset in newport oregon)

And yet, I keep getting “likes” and reblogged from the Tumblrs. I know that my friends know I’m just being an idiot, but what about the others? The people who live and breathe by these quotes and share them with their e-hostages? Can I really be sure they get the joke?

original anagram was "you a failure tube" but that was mean not inspirational

original anagram was “you a failure tube” but that was mean not inspirational (cherry blossoms at burrard station)

I .. don’t know. My coworker has accused me of being in too deep – I’ve gone so far into the rabbit hole that the original sentiment has been lost; that I’ve become the very thing I’m laughing at – but people GET it, right? I’m not ACTUALLY trying to inspire anyone, I’m LAUGHING. I giggled myself to sleep last night, but now I’m worried that I’m not obvious enough. Where do I go from here? Do I give the benefit of the doubt, or cry into my collection of scenic photos?


which is why i hate it when people put the cups on the top shelf (biggest ben)

How deep does the rabbit hole go?

(also, people have asked what apps I’m using to create these. I use Over most of the time (there’s a free version called Overgram, but they watermark your photos boooo), and sometimes I use Swipe (slightly buggy and you can’t crop pictures, but greater word control). I post the images on Instagram and my Tumblrs with the tags #quote #inspirational #wisdom. Go nuts. Make your own. Tremble for humanity.)

4 thoughts on “inspired

  1. I’m mostly just getting annoyed at bad spelling and grammar in these inspirational photos (not yours, obviously, but 90% of everything else). It might be a good saying, but it’s ruined by unnecessary or missing apostrophes, bad punctuation, or a general lack of basic editing skills.

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