ottoman watch 2013

In very early January, we ordered (and paid for) an ottoman for our living room. It was supposed to arrive on January 23rd, at which point we would lounge to our heart’s content; pantless and fancy free. It was a good plan.

As I am currently wearing pants and full of fancy, you can tell things have not gone according to plan. As we neared our delivery date, I thought to check the website .. and to my surprise, the delivery date for our item was now February 2nd. A day later, February 3rd.

Then, February 7th and 9th and 13th. Next, February 23rd! And on Friday, we finally breeched March with a delivery date of March 2nd. Today? March 5th! Hooray!

We’ll keep you posted as the situation progresses, but as it stands, we’re expecting the ottoman to arrive at some point in 2015.

Back to you, Martin.

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