true north strong and me

Following in the excellent footsteps of Sweden and along with other countries such as Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, Canada has a curated Twitter account of our very own: @PeopleofCanada.

And for the week of February 4th to 10th, the voice of that Twitter account will be me.

MUAHAHAHAHAH *ahem* I mean, I am excited to bring my own personal Canada to the world at large. Please follow the @PeopleofCanada account (and me, if you’re not already) and see what kind of trouble I can get myself into in the name of patriotism over the next seven days!

Check out the project’s website, and consider applying to be a curator – it can be anyone in or from Canada, and is a completely awesome idea (that we borrowed from Sweden).

This may be the first time I’ve ever been nervous about Twitter.

Also, if you do happen to follow my personal account, sorry about that tweet from Saturday night. Inappropriate dinner theatre was *really* inappropriate (even if it made me laugh a lot).

So, yeah. I’ll see you all next week as the (unofficial) Voice of Canada on Twitter!


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