all of the things

In preparation for what I hope will be a busy year full of Good Times, I spent much of the last week Doing Things. Outside. With Other People. It’s fun and exhausting all at once, and I keep forgetting how much I like outside. I really ought to remember it more often.

On Wednesday, Ed and I went to the Vancouver Aquarium for After Hours. It was our first time at the Aquarium, and it was FUCKING AWESOME. I can’t believe we waited so long to check it out, but we both absolutely loved it to the point of buying a memberships so we can come back and hang out with the otters to our heart’s content. You’ll still never catch me at the Aquarium’s Seafood Nights – that’s too morbid even for me – but I plan on spending a lot of time exploring the Aquarium this summer, because scooting to Stanley Park is awesome and plus there are cool critters everywhere:

Fish Crab

i bet i taste good.

graceful, yet creepy as fuck

graceful, yet creepy as fuck

.. and so on and so forth. I posted a lot over on my Instagrams, and will likely post a thousand more over the course of my membership. FUN! Also, the next After Hours (adults only so you can enjoy the Aquarium without kids around) is on June 6th. Y’all should go – I will be there!

Saturday was a big day for us, as we hit up not one but FOUR different places. First on the docket was an engagement party for Bonnie and Catherine, who are among my very favourite people ever. I’m so giddy that they’re getting married I could (and routinely do) fall over – they are adorable, and I love them all over. The theme of their party was Fancy Times; everyone needed to wear a tea gown and a fascinator or hat. As expected, Ed balked at wearing a gown but did wear a hat so we both looked very dapper (I may have been more ridiculous than dapper). Friends of theirs hosted the party in their gorgeous house, and it was a lovely afternoon with cupcakes and excellent people I do not see nearly enough and the couple of honour, Bonnie and Catherine.

We came home for a quick wardrobe change (more boobs were required), and picked up Josh and Shan for Adventures Parts 2-4. We stopped in at the Hot Pink art show to say hi to some people, meet some other people, and look at art – I even BOUGHT an art, and I am super excited to hang it in my Lady Cave. I really want to commission Bret to make me an art of my oranges – maybe that will be my birthday present to myself. Art is super!

After art (where I really should have stayed longer because I missed out on meeting a bunch of people I’ve been Twittering with forever), we went to St. Augustine’s to meet up with Cait and Dylan for food and beer. The place was packed beyond imagining and it took quite a while to get seated and even longer to get food, but it was well worth the wait (the burger I had was frickin’ amazing, with Perfect Bacon and all the delicious). We stumbled up the street afterward to go to the Royal Canadian Legion, which was equally hopping with an eclectic mix of people and really loud bands. We had hoped to play some darts, but the boards were being hogged by some nasty hipsters who were not taught how to share (or play darts). Cait almost started a rumble, but we eventually gave up on Operation Darts despite the incredibly friendly Legion regulars who helped us find a table and got us seats. It was actually really cool in there, and people were loving the band. My parents used to frequent the Legion in Victoria almost every weekend for dancing, before my dad was unable to – I could almost picture my mom and dad in there, tearing it up (and complaining about how loud the music was).

Then, home. In between all the Outside, I did quite a bit of trouble-causing in various places online, and was giggling all night at the aftermath of my outrage and pot-stirring in various locations.

Today there shall be nothing. I slept in, I’m writing, and I’ll probably watch the Oscars. The week ahead holds the strata AGM (not exciting), and a trip to Seattle (very exciting) with Steph – we’re going to the Art of Video Games exhibit at EMP followed by an Astronautalis show, then coming home on Saturday so I can go to another Astronautalis show the next night.


Now, to do additional research on obtaining a UK Ancestry Visa! It’s wishful thinking at the moment, but who knows what the future holds?

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