not an internet weirdo

Any conversation that has to start out with “I promise I’m not an internet weirdo” is bound to be a good one, and yesterday’s was no exception.

I came across a tweet from some girl in Eugene Oregon asking the world for $8 so she could buy a ticket to last night’s show. I didn’t have $8, but I did have the internet .. so in a gush of somewhat sticky philanthropy, I bought her a ticket so she could go. No catch, save for one: she had to have an excellent time and cheer as loudly as she could (preferably in a Canadian accent) .. and if she happened across Andy at any point, say hi for me. She reported in after the show, and an excellent time was indeed had – mission accomplished!

I’m not a stranger to random happenings on the internet (although most of them have been at me as opposed to from me), so I was somewhat bemused at my sudden desire to be all charitable and shit. I thought about it a little as I basked in the afterglow of being nice, and I think I know why I did it (other than for the lulz):

  1. I was seriously bummed out when my awesome weekend was over, and this was a small way of making it go on just a little bit longer
  2. One of my favourite things to do is bring others to shows with me, and sending a random stranger (who turned out to be eerily similar to me) in my place is almost as good
  3. So many happy feels!

So, yeah. I was an internet weirdo yesterday, but with the noblest of intentions: sharing the love, and keeping the good times going. Pay it forward and all that good stuff. More sweaty fun for everyone!

I am pleased at how it all went down.

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