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.. that moment when you’re flipping through a magazine while waiting to check out at the grocery store and you accidentally yourself in an article ..



and there's the rest of me!

and there’s the rest of me!

I did an interview last November, about my blog and the Vancouver riots. I knew it was for the Reader’s Digest, but I didn’t know when or if the article would ever be published – in fact, I had forgotten all about it until tonight when I was looking at the checkout magazines in Safeway. I grabbed the latest RD and said to Ed “wouldn’t it be funny if this was the issue I’m in?”, thereby setting the stage for exact that – and lo, there I am. Accountability! I was once all about it!

As weird as the stumbling-upon-myself Safeway incident was, it wasn’t the first time that has happened. When we were still in Calgary, the exact same thing happened with an issue of PC Gamer. Flipped through the magazine, looked down, and whoa there I am. Neat!

I may have a small collection of magazines my name has appeared in:


me being an idiot about clans in a 2003 issue of PC Gamer


talking out my ass in the next issue of PC Gamer: back to back mentions! woo!

our wedding photographer used one of my pictures in an ad for Wedding Bells magazine

our wedding photographer used a picture of me in an ad for Wedding Bells magazine – 2003 was a good year for me and magazines


May 2006 issue of American Way, the inflight magazine of American Airlines (the article was about Fatal1ty; the author mentioned me covering his gameplay at CES ’06)

my uterus is SO ANGRY in a 2010 Chatelaine

my uterus is SO ANGRY in a 2010 Chatelaine

I am knowledgable about gaming, other people’s gaming, vigilante justice, and my uterine rights! Interview me for all reasons!


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