when you’re smiling

What started out as a gross Wednesday morning has turned into a glorious spring day – an appropriate metaphor on several levels – and while outside at lunch, these things made me smile:

  • A man walking down the street carrying a giant empty picture frame
  • The trees at Burrard Station, tipped with thousands of pink buds about to burst
  • Pringles on sale at SDM for $1.99 a tube
  • A lady in a business suit sitting at the bus stop, swinging her legs like a little kid
  • This:

neat idea – hope they get some awesome pictures

In fact, the random smiling started this morning when I stumbled upon an abandoned bag at my bus stop, containing pure treasure:

an ultimate vhs collection!

A bag of cinematic masterpieces, free for the taking! I wish I had taken the time to delve into the bottom layer of the bag, but they were wet and kind of grubby and my hands were full. If the tapes below the first few were even half as amazing as those pictured, someone is in for a weekend full of explosive action in glorious 480p!

Also, everything about my previous post makes me smile. You should read it. It has boners.

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