crushing on catie

I have a crush on CATIE.

They’ve been in the news lately, because some woman in Nanaimo was America-style-outraged that her 13-year-old son received a saucy flip book in sex ed class. All her arguments are stupid – sex education is incredibly important and as much as she wants to think otherwise, 13 is exactly the right age to be introducing children to the ramifications of STDs, pregnancy, and how to avoid them if they just have to bust a nut – but her questionable horror at safe sex aside (along with my laughing: “It upset him to the point where he didn’t feel comfortable” hahahaha boners), the story glossed over the most important point of all: WHERE DO I GET THESE WONDERFUL FLIP BOOKS?!

Some extremely inappropriate work conversations and furious Googling later, we had an answer: the book is produced by CATIE (Community AIDS Treatment Information Exchange). Sam went about ordering some of the flip books to share with us, and they arrived yesterday:

the bad news: "something sexy" doesn't involve handcuffs. the good news: there's a different pamphlet for that!

the bad news: “something sexy” doesn’t involve handcuffs.
the good news: there’s a different pamphlet for that!

While the flip book is smaller than expected, it is chockfull of awesome erection action. Click the picture above to see a .PDF of the contents, or you can watch this Vine we took of the book in action.

Clearly, CATIE has some amazing education pieces to look at. Naturally, we immediately ran to the website to see what ELSE we could find:

(um, all of these are NSFW – you may want to wait until you’re alone before you clicky clicky)

.. and so on and so forth. There is a huge variety of educative materials that CATIE produces for institutional, group, or individual use, for free. It ranges from serious to funky fresh for the youths, and covers topics far outside the standard sex education fare such as LGBTT2IQQ-related information, body mods, drug use, and more.

Also, there are these:

photo (1) photo (2)

photo (3)photo (4)

.. a series of alphabet cards for gay and bisexual men.

They are incredible. How incredible?

*I* learned something from them. I thought I knew everything there was to know about sticking your wiener in things, but nope. I missed a few.

Seriously, I am totally in love with CATIE and I want to give them all my money so they continue to produce awesome education material for years to come. Plus, hilarious pictures of auto-fellatio. It’s like CATIE made these cards just for me!

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