good vs ignorant


RFRidiculous Fishing

Genre: Fishing with guns
Price: $2.99

Ridiculous Fishing is ridiculous and awesome and you should get it right now. It’s one of those “oh just quick game” apps which will turn into you missing your bus stop and being awake at 3am and not paying attention during meetings because you are too busy fishing. Yes, it’s more expensive than your usual fare at $2.99 but a) it is worth it, b) that is still pennies on the entertainment value, and c) there are absolutely no ads and d) no in-app purchases. So much fun. So ridiculous.




Genre: Random Pictures!
Price: Free

Rando is a social picture app, sort of. Unlike Instagram, you don’t share pictures to a feed or your account – rather, you send one picture randomly to someone somewhere in the world. For each picture you send, you will (eventually) get one in return. You don’t know who you’re sending to or what you’ll get in return or where it’ll come from, and that’s all the fun – my friends and I have spent hours sending pictures into the ether and comparing what we get back. Some of the pictures are boring, some are interesting, and all of them are completely random. It’s worth a look for free!

Also, dear app developers – please do not do this:

what the fuck is wrong with you

If they’re trying to be funny, they desperately missed the mark. If I had paid for the app, I’d be asking for a refund. Instead, I simply deleted it, shared the outrage on Twitter, and left a review:

don’t ask me, i’m just a girl

I have someone on the inside looking into this situation .. I’ll let you know if anything comes of it. In the meantime, please don’t support developers that pull shitty stunts like this. There are so many other developers that deserve your downloads and love .. these guys are not among them.

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