no more gravy

I feel like I haven’t eaten a meal made in my own kitchen in four months.

My American Chris was in town for the past four days, so we did a lot of delicious eating out. It was super fun (and super expensive), but I am really going to enjoy the next week or so of cooking and eating at home and also having things that are not poutine. I usually have poutine once or twice a year, and this past week I had it twice .. that’s enough for now. I plan to eat a lot of salad in the upcoming week. My arteries feel like gravy.

We did have lots of fun with Chris though, even given the awful weather. Naturally, things got beautiful the minute we had to drop him off at the train station and it’s kind of gorgeous outside today (lousy Smarch weather) – our timing sucks. Instead of doing fun outdoor things, we did fun indoor things instead like visit the Vancouver Aquarium with every grubby child in the Lower Mainland, but I got to splash in mud puddles, and take a lot of pictures, and here are some of them:

i love jellyfish like i love snails.

here is a turtle.

plz appreciate this photo because monkeys are damn hard to take pictures of what with the movement and constant poo flinging

penguin guard duty

tiny and poisonous, just like me

the rare and elusive american christophericus internetus

Man, I love the aquarium. The next After Dark event is on June 9th, and you should come with me to look at fishes and stuff. It is a Good Time.

Now I am off to launder.


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