stuff and junk

(I ran out of words that start with predic-)

i am prepared for every occasion!

In my bag:

  • Gum
  • Bus Tickets
  • A space rocket pouch that holds:
  • MAC powder compact
  • Hair clip for my newly out-of-control mane
  • LEGO Darth Vader keychain
  • Two fancy feathered bobby pins
  • Minibator key with shield and one-legged robot
  • Home keys with enormous fob, gate key, the one-legged robot’s able-bodied twin, another shield
  • Yet another keychain; this one holding a bunch of London-themed items
  • Two wrapped honey mints from Trader Joe’s
  • Fossil wallet with “Insert photo of super hottie boyfriend here” card, some cash, ID, work access card, bank card, and emergency business card (I have a lot of emergencies)
  • Two half-completed Pinkberry frequent buyer cards and two cards good for a free mini yogurt
  • An elastic band
  • Another elastic band; this one with a macro lens in it for my iPhone
  • Cheese bag with glasses and sunglasses
  • The world’s most awesome pill box, containing:
    • Extra Strength Advil
    • Tylenol
    • Advil Migraine
    • Extra Strength Reactine
    • Whatever those little green pills are
  • Fluff “Suzy Sailor” coin purse containing:
  • Optimus Prime on a skateboard


  • iPad Big
  • iPhone

Oddly enough, I’m carrying very little today.

Thanks to @_hudsonny for the inspiration!

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