mad hax

Does it count as an Ikea Hack if all you do is repurpose something?

I’m going to count it. Look, I hacked the gibson:


my krokig is huuuuuge

my krokig is huuuuuge

That’s kind of a terrible picture, but it shows you the whole thing (and my dirty carpet). Here are some better pictures:


shinies: i have them



It’s a kid’s clothing rack that I’m using to hang necklaces off of. It’s bright and colourful and keeps all my necklaces from tangling while languishing in a drawer somewhere. When I strip after work, it’s easy to hang things up again on one of the eight hooks. It’s a fun solution, and it would work well for belts or bags or scarves – plus, it’s a comfortable height and helps me build self-confidence by learning to hang up things by myself. Also, at $30 it was way cheaper than the size of a jewellery box I’d need to store all those necklaces properly AND I got to have meatballs. A Saturday well spent!

One thought on “mad hax

  1. I did something similar, except mine is a wire shower rack hung on my wall for all my many (many many) pairs of earrings. We are so innovative!

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