I had completely forgotten about this, but apparently school records are forever: In 1993, I attended Oak Bay High School in Victoria. For like, a week.

After Not Graduating from Spectrum, I was somewhat adrift in the world. I feared the stigma of being a high school dropout – even though I didn’t – so I thought that I needed to get my diploma, no matter what. I was still mad at Spectrum for the whole “you’re not graduating” bullshit, so I chose to go to a different school: the one my favourite band teacher had left us for.

Um, also I was once a third degree Band Geek. I haven’t mentioned it a lot – most of my high school life was dull and not worth rehashing – but there it is. I played the Bass Clarinet and Tenor Sax, and sang in several choirs, and was devastated when Mr. Campbell left us to teach snobby rich kids music.

Anyway, back to school. I enrolled myself at Oak Bay as an upgrade student, and planned to take mostly “fun” classes in addition to the Consumer Education course I was missing. I lasted less than a week before I realized that I hated being in school and didn’t want any part of this – I never even made it to a band class; I just .. stopped going. I don’t think I ever officially withdrew, either. So yeah, I guess I AM a high school dropout. Oops.

All of this has come up because at some point over the weekend, someone – someone who is staggeringly bad at Google – emailed info@mywork.com, looking for me. I have no idea how they managed to figure out where I work but not that I am on every corner of the internet and reachable through almost every communication method possible, but they did. Individual people at work have forwarded the message to me six times now, so I have definitely received it. Yes. Thank you.

The message contains an invitation to Oak Bay High’s 20th reunion, to be held some time later this year. I do not know a single person at Oak Bay High; I didn’t attend class long enough to make any friends (or meet any people whatsoever) .. but apparently, I’m still on the school’s list of alumni and that is hilarious. I hadn’t thought about my week spent as a student of Oak Bay High since 1993, but they managed to track me down. That is some weird shit! I didn’t attend my actual reunion last year, so I do not think I will be attending this one. Still, I’m amused to learn I’m still on the list. It’s nice to be remembered by a computer.

3 thoughts on “(DNF)

  1. Mr Campbell was great at Oak Bay. He retired last year, I think.

    And we might have run into each other during your week there. I was a ’94 grad. It’s a shame you didn’t stick around, we could have been great friends.

  2. In small world news, I now live within 3 blocks of Oak Bay high school! I’ve been in Victoria for about 5 months, and I don’t really go anywhere, and don’t know where anything is. It is weird to see you mention the only high school in Vic that I can actually name…

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