the angry sads

These last two weeks have been an epic shit show of Bad Times, and the universe just keeps on giving:

  • Twelve Thirteen (13) people have left or are leaving the office since June 28th; among them many people I enjoy working with AND the entire Product Design team (except me)
  • Last night all my coworkers went out to commiserate with alcohol, and even though I specifically asked four separate people to contact me when they got to Thing B after Thing A so I could join them, they all forgot and that fucking hurts like hell
  • Tonight I received a traffic citation for $276, because I was caught riding Lola without a Class 6 driver’s license
  • I’ve been a weepy, butthurt mess for the last 30 hours or so
  • What the fucking ever-loving fuck, America

I cannot handle all of these messy feelings.

4 thoughts on “the angry sads

  1. Drinks 4:30 Cambie Tuesday. Patio Party for the end of Tom’s Atimi time. Drown your sorrows in booze and carbs. Club Sandwich FTW.

  2. Boo at crazy work situation. I hope things un-suck soon.

    The ticket is indeed shitty, but I gotta say, driving without a license is really a scary thing to do. If you’re in any kind of accident where ‘down’ is involved, even if it’s not your fault, ICBC won’t pay damages for your scooter and, way scarier, won’t cover *any* injuries — and they aren’t covered by MSP, since MSP bills ICBC for all motor vehicle accident costs. ICBC would turn around and bill you right back — as an unlicensed driver, you’re in breach of your insurance terms. That bill could easily run into tens — or hundreds — of thousands of dollars, even for relatively minor injuries, say if you needed surgery for putting a pin into a broken collarbone. If it’s deemed partially your fault and there’s ongoing rehab or time off from work required for another party, well, it could run to way, way more, and they’d sue you for it all, and win. I’m terrified just thinking about it. A $50 road test is a worthwhile investment.

    • I know .. I’ve been lucky. The consequences are more than just the money though; I won’t be able to ride until I get my shit in order AND I have to cancel our backup vacation plans (scooting to and around Victoria). So, I’m on it. And will be stressed out for years to come, because I won’t be vacationing this year. That’s punishment enough, isn’t it?

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