purely hypothetical

I am researching US work visas, for purely hypothetical reasons. Hypothetically, if I were to work in the United States, I would need a hypothetical employer to sponsor my hypothetical application to work for their hypothetical American company. The sponsor isn’t enough though: you also need to be armed with an arsenal of hypothetical documents proving your hypothetical qualifications AND you must fall under the list of approved hypothetical professions such as:

  • Accountant
  • Architect
  • Computer

Yeah, I got this in the hypothetical BAG. Even if they do find me lacking as a hypothetical computer, I’m still okay – further down the list is “Technical Publications Writer”. That’s me!

I’d rather be a computer, though.

If none of my hypothetical musings entertain you, how about this instead: Marks and Spencer is offering FREE shipping to Canada, the United States, Australia, and New Zealand. The site claims it’s for a limited time, but the promo has apparently been running since March 8th so do what you will with this news. And no, they generally won’t ship food. And yes, I am still desperate to be back in London. Homesickness for a place you’ve been twice is weird, yo. And I’m starting to run out of my favourite mascara and eyeliner, which can only be purchased in the UK. LIFE IS HYPOTHETICALLY HARD, even if you’re a computer.

pretty pretty pretty

3 thoughts on “purely hypothetical

  1. While some people may disagree, I am none of those professions/electronics but I still got a work visa. Please get a job in the Los Angeles area. Thank you.

  2. I don’t think it’s weird to be homesick for London. I have been homesick for BC ever since the first time I went there, three years ago. And it makes me very very sad that I will not be able to visit at all this year :(

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