dress me in obscurity

I need a costume!

I’ve been invited to a New Year’s Eve party with a very specific theme: come dressed as a character from the Whedonverse. It has to be a character created for a Whedon production, so taking the easy way out and dressing like an Avenger or Beatrice is against the rules. Even with the restriction, the options are vast and overwhelming: SO MANY OPTIONS. What’s a girl to do?

Because I am complicated, I naturally want to go as obscure as possible. The more I need to explain my costume, the better. Random character seen in the background of episode 9 of Firefly? An extra fleeing from the battle between Spike and Xin Rong? Bring it. No one will get it but me, and I’m okay with that. A small part of me wants to go all out and put together an amazing costume, but honestly I don’t have the time or money (um, or skill) to make that work, so I’ll settle for utterly random and extra nerdy. With that in mind, what should my costume be?! I’m leaning towards being the Asian background dancer holding the yellow shirt when they got the mustard out, but that’s a little too no-effort and I think I can do better. Or maybe not, which is why I’m asking the internet to think for me. Help me decide!

Big Things are going on right now. Costume parties are a merry distraction!

5 thoughts on “dress me in obscurity

  1. If ‘written by’ counts, go as one of the basement critters from ‘Cabin in the Woods’ (how about the angry molesting tree, or the dragonbat?)

  2. One of the crazoids who helps build the tower for Glory
    One of the people at the fair when Glory eats Tara’s mind – just carry a bunch of balloons, bonus: also very NYEve
    The butcher at the shop where Andrew orders all the blood because he can’t kill the pig
    Browsing customer at the Magic Box
    Spike’s trashy date to Xander’s wedding
    A bunny
    Oo! A waitress from (is it Outback Steakhouse?) the place Spike and Andrew mention when they’re talking about how great Blooming Onions are
    One of the wanna-be kids who goes to the vampire club
    One of the cheerleaders on the Razorbacks – maybe Amber, the one who bursts into flames
    Ooo! The gypsy girl Angel killed to get cursed!
    Double Oo! One of the characters on Passions, the soap opera Spike was addicted to!
    Triple Oo! Just draw on that tattoo and be the woman in Ripper’s OG magic cabal
    (I suspect none of these are the idea you’re looking for; at best I hope they help you think of what you’d like to do…)

  3. I knew y’all would have some awesome ideas! Ed is enamoured by the Blue Gloves idea, but thanks to Kristin I spent the evening wandering through The Cabin in the Woods wiki and now I’m heavily leaning towards the Slow Walking Creepy Girl (http://thecabininthewoods.wikia.com/wiki/American_Slow-Walking_Creepy_Girl) .. I have the PERFECT dress for this. PERFECT. The only thing stopping me is that it’s even more obscure than the Random Dancing Dry Cleaning Asian, and not as cool as the Hands of Blue .. what to do?

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